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The DWP Redundancy Calculator

As a result of the prevailing economic situation, it is eminent that employees should be prepared for any eventuality. Many employers are in the process of slashing down their work force as one of the options to manage their finances. As they prepare for the redundancy exercise it is advisable to keep in touch with the relevant department to prepare for the inevitable.

Department of works and pensions (DWP) have offered to fund for a voluntary exit in a bid to slash down the work force and halt future needs for redundancy This will result to a more peaceful and cohesive working relationship among employers and employees. Dwp redundancy calculator is in the process of being implemented for the civil and commercial workers despite the presence of a legal tussle which might hinder the implementation of the exercise although there is no likelihood of termination in the long run.

This redundancy program is voluntary and is formulated in such a way that it can be accessed by all employees to their convenience and for the long term good of the civil service and other establishments. This voluntary redundancy package has special privileges attached to it and the long term result is the good of the particular employee and the members of the civil and commercial service.

As much as it clears the chances of an expected redundancy, it also helps to prepare the candidate who voluntary take it from further economic upheavals which might result when the management might find it hard to effect such a program It is to the advantage of employees to embrace this golden chance rather than wait for the unknown when they might have to be made redundant with a normal redundancy package.

Dwp redundancy calculator is the easy way out and is meant to save the employee from further stress as it is not possible to predict whether the current economic crisis will resolve in the short term. Voluntary redundancy package guarantees a maximum of 21months pay among other benefits that are attached to dwp redundancy calculator. Together with that, there is a guarantee of one month pay for every year the employee has worked with a likelihood of being increased up to two months.

The criterion to the above qualification is a term of service that is not less than two years in the civil or commercial establishment. The package offers protection to the lowly paid by using the minimum figure of 23,000 pounds which is favorable for those whose salary is below this. In this dwp redundancy calculator, the department of work and pensions has offered to fund the top up for staff below the minimum pension age of 50 to 55 years. The gap is big for those employees who are still young in employment and it would be to their advantage in the long run if they can invest the pensions wisely. Though there are allegations that trade unions were not consulted, the meaning behind the dwp redundancy calculator is good and the way ahead will likewise be clearer.

It is prudent to prepare for such eventuality when you will not be in an active employment and the best way would be to prepare by keeping in touch with those who might offer the necessary assistance when you have to learn it the had way. You should prepare to consult your mortgage provider and try to formulate a working formula in case the employer will not be in a position to submit your monthly premiums. The government has fixed several rescue measures to assist during this critical economic period for vulnerable groups and people and in any case one can always consult the relevant agencies for guidance.

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