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Finding A Labor Attorney

It is most common that we tend to get into trouble with our employer at one stage or the other during our careers. There are many problems that one can face during the course of employment. It is written in the constitution of most of the countries that it is the duty of the citizens of the country to be aware of the laws of the land, but in most cases, the majority of the people neither has the time nor the expertise to sit down and read the complex laws that their members of parliament have made for them. So is the case with employment laws too. In most cases when we face an employment problem, we tend to consult a Labor Attorney.


A Labor Attorney, or a Labor and Employment Attorney is a person who is a specialist in a wide range of employment related issues, for example the way employers should treat present employees, past employees and even the prospective ones.

This also includes how the employer should bargain with an individual employee and how should he bargain with all employees collectively.
The Labor Attorney would also be a specialist on other issues like health and safety regulations, the pension plans and retirement benefits that one should get, the issues that relate to sexual harassment and any malpractices carried due to the existence of discrimination at the workplace. The Labor Attorney is also quite useful to the employer, in that he can help him reduce the risk of being sued by the employees, by making him comply with the local as well as relevant federal laws.
This ensures that the balance of power between the employer and the employee is maintained so that both the employers and the trade unions do not engage themselves in unfair practices against the rights of each other.
As far as the employers are concerned, it would make sense to hire a Labor Attorney, as he or she would be of help in reviewing the policies, handbooks and manuals that the employer has designed for its employees. The Labor Attorney would also provide comprehensive information on what the state law on minimum hourly wages and times of work says, and would also be able to represent the employer in the employment tribunals and other agencies which deal with employment disputes.
The Labor Attorney can also engage in the process of collective bargaining on behalf of the employer, with the employees or with their union.
When to hire a Labor Attorney is also a question that demands an answer. If you are an employer and involved with employees in disputes such as those of constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal, then you should think of hiring one.
Not only this, but the Labor Attorney can also prove to be useful in cases of sexual harassment and discrimination that is based on age, sex, disability or religion. It is a practice that many employers hire Labor Attorneys and then retain them in order to obtain fruitful advice with regard to future planning.

















Labor Attorney 

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