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Employment Law Training

We Need Employment Law Training

It is a fact that the workforce or the labor force of a nation plays a vital role in the economic development including economic growth and success. In the past, we have seen lots of examples that provide the evidence for this concept in different parts of the world.

Those nations that have cared and respected their work force have risen to the top while those who have abused and exploited their labor have gradually declined, eventually ending in their elimination from the face of the earth. It will be totally correct to state that out of the different resources and assets in the present era for the whole industrial sector, the most precious, valuable and frontline asset is the human resource. So how can one imagine to see a persistent and stable growth and development of the industrial sector regarding production and production units without the proper utilization and safeguard of this basic and valuable resource so as to get into the list of internationally competitive producers.

Trained to the Very Best

What needs to be done by the production units as regards the human resource, needs a comprehensive and argumentative discussion.

I think first of all we need to kick out the perception that human resource is just a source, rather the firms should also consider themselves in terms of the human resource as being their source. It is therefore the duty of such firms in order to provide their employees with a proper contract of employment, to give them conditions that are suitable for the purpose of discharge of their duties, to provide their employees with all the health and safety equipment that is needed for the job, to give them at least one holiday in a week and at least two weeks paid holidays in a calendar year.

The employees also have a right to be trained and developed and a right not to be unfairly dismissed. The concept of unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal needs further discussion.

The dilemma that is been seen in most parts of the world is that many employees are being unfairly or wrongfully dismissed and that there is no proper legal council available to them. Employees tend to sit idle for months after they have been dismissed and cannot obtain their redundancy payments or damages for unfair dismissal simply because there are no qualified lawyers present.Employment Training

There are two ways to countering this problem. The first way is for governments to draft proper laws and regulations and implement them through a strict regulatory procedure so that the event of unfair dismissal does not take place. The second option is that government should ensure the availability of employment lawyer through proper Employment Law Training. Employment Law Training is the best way to ensure the availability of easy justice relevant to the employment sector.

 For the government to properly provide Employment Law Training, it has to facilitate the establishment of specialist institutions that would be best run by engaging into a public-private partnership, thus bringing fresh blood and a wide body of knowledge into this auspicious discipline.

Employment Law Training