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Something About Employment and Contract

Employment is a state in which a person does something for the other for a remuneration or return. In other words a person is engaged to do something for the other and for this he or she gets a reward. But keep in mind that contractors also do something for the other and they also get something in the form of reward, however, employment is something different from contractor business.

The difference between the meaning of employment and contract is that in employment one is controlled by his or her employer, in other words the employer controls the employee in such a way that the employee seems to do things under the supervision of his or her employee. Whereas in contract, the contractor does according to his own method and schedule, in other words the contractor is not bound by his or her employee regarding the timings and other code of conduct.

Apart from the above main difference of control between the contract and employment, another difference to ponder is that in contract is for a one off period or for a specific project for a certain period, however in an employment the employee works for a series of periods or a long duration. Apart from this difference, in employment we have often noticed that the employer also accepts the responsibility of remuneration for his employee even after the employment engagement has been finished or ended. However in contracts, the contractor is not awarded anything furthermore after the end of his or her contract with the client or principal.Employment Solicitor

As far as rules, regulations and legislation is concerned, employment has more regulations and strict law as compared to contract regulations and rules. Although the basic legal provisions are present for both, employment and contract but the law for employment is more strict and applicable in different parts of the world.

If you study out the employment law for different countries of the world, it seems that the legislator or lawmaker tends to give more protection or safe edge to the employee as compared to his or her employer. Another evidence of legislation for employment is that in different parts of the world, you can see an Employment Law Solicitor but would have rarely heard about contract solicitor.

An Employment Law Solicitor often seems to be a very busy person in different parts of the world and the credit for the Employment Law Solicitor to be busy goes to the enforced and applicable employment legislation in many parts of the world.

But keep in mind that this is not to say that contract or contractors do not have any legislation to follow, yes we have contract law that is enforceable in different parts of the world. However the contract law not just only seems to protect the employee like in employment law, but the law of contract is to be followed and obeyed by both the contractor and the client.

In other words, the law of contract tends to protect the rights and enforce the obligations of both or all the parties to the contract.

Employment Law Solicitor 

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